Awareness Theatre and Risk Education

Theatre, which has served certain ends since it came into existence, strives to make changes through its effective power of expression. Through devised productions, tailored workshops and interactive theatre practices, Arab Puppet Theatre Foundation puts the power of theatre into action.

The same applies to risk education, which aims to reach the greatest possible number of people with potentially life-saving information on how to recognise, avoid and report threats. This is particularly important for children and returning communities and puppet theatre can also take on the important role of age-appropriate mediation here.

Stay on the Path, Mou Mou

Manchester, UK / 2021 - 2022

Arab Puppet Theatre Foundation and the Nobel Prize-winning humanitarian organisation Mines Advisory Group (MAG) teamed up for a special project, funded by World Without Mines, using the ancient art of shadow puppetry to help saving the lives of children affected by war.

Every day 19 people are killed or injured by landmines and unexploded bombs. Half of the civilian casualties are children. To target this important problem, APTF created a new series of shadow puppetry animations to deliver life-saving lessons to children living in the aftermath of war. The four films of each 60 seconds tell the story of Mou Mou - an inquisitive cow, who is injured after stepping on a landmine. All four episodes will be delivered in 14 countries around the globe to assist conflict-affected communities by raising awareness and educating specifically children about the dangers of unexploded bombs and landmines in a light-hearted way, even years after the end of war.


Nabatiyeh, 2016 and 2017

In collaboration with the Mines Advisory Group (MAG), APTF produced three interactive puppetry workshops in southern Lebanon, Nigeria and Iraq. The workshops aimed to train MAG staff in the production and performance of puppet shows, which subsequently toured the villages and educated people about minefields in a child-friendly and interactive way.

Nour Omani- Advanced Training in Shadow Puppet Theatre

Muscat, 2016

In collaboration with UNFPA-GCC and the Ministry of Social development in Muscat, APTF delivered a one-week advanced puppetry training for a group of social specialists from the Ministry. Using the skills they gained from the training, each group produced a small sketch tackling one social issue of their choice. Through feedback and evaluation, the participants have described this workshop to be very helpful through their work. Unlike other traditional awareness tools, they thought using puppetry and theatre is very effective and interactive.

Zeina Loses all - Puppetry performance


In collaboration with UNFPA Lebanon, APTF tailored a puppetry performance tackling early marriage and the consequences that come with. The show was performed for thousands of refugee women and youth especially the ones affected by the Syrian humanitarian crisis.